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Buyers Protection (Escrow service)
All Pet Tracking are confirm via IPATA
The relationship of pets and people is a treasured one, as evidenced by the love shown with the children and their pets in the above photos;  and is recognized as the human-animal bond. As you contemplate moving your family pet by air as you relocate, you want the best for your pet. Air Animal holds the welfare and safety of your family pet as our primary consideration. Whether your pet is an experienced flyer or a first time flyer, Air Animal's pet move specialists, pet owners themselves, understand the relationship you have with your pet and will only provide the best pet moving service for your family pet both, nationwide & worldwide as you relocate.
Caged Bird
Small Animal Boarding
We can provide long or short term care for a number of species including caged birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes and reptiles even chickens and other family pets.

Pet Quarantine Alternative
For a positive experience when relocating, we do remove quarantine restrictions for many countries through our quarantine alternative programme suitable for many countries. We offer a real alternative to an enforced stay in a quarantine facility. Check out our home board or long term stay care option applicable for pets looking to enter the UK,USA, Ireland, Hong Kong Australia, New Zealand and others.

  • Both parties (buyer and seller) agree on a price.

  • Seller brings pet to us for inspection

  • We register pet and issue tracking number to buyer

  • The buyer sends payment to us rather than directly to the seller.

  • We proceed with shipping to buyer

  • The buyer inspects the item and let us know whether they accept it or not.

  • Buyer has 48 hours to check and confirm with us

  • If the item is accepted (or the inspection period runs out), the funds are paid to the seller by check or Cash.

  • If the item is not accepted, the buyer must return the item  within 48 hours and collect back their funds.

  • A non refundable fee of $20-$50 must be paid by the seller.

We protect your funds and bring you satisfaction